1. What FUNTER only serve children?

R / In FUNTER will serve children from birth to seniors.

2. What is paid FUNTER?

R / FUNTER has social work area where a person is asked a socioeconomic interview, to assess the collaboration will provide for the services you receive.

The contribution is based on their economic, and all collaboration is well below the actual cost of treatment in rehab.

The (so) % of the population served is exonerated, the rest contributes minimum quotas. (It would put the percentage of the population updated exonerated in FUNTER)

3. FUNTER? Gives general medical appointments?

R / FUNTER appointments only provides medical specialty in Physiatry (Physiatry is the medical specialty that deals primarily with the rehabilitation of people with motor difficulties)

Also offers audiometry tests (is a test aimed at verifying the hearing impaired)

4. What are the days and hours in FUNTER?

R / From moons viernes, of 7:30 on a 5:00 pm.

5. What should I do to be treated at FUNTER?

R / The steps are as follows:

Complete an application for appointment scheduling first. The blade can be ordered at Secretariat Clinic, Reception or Customer Care.

If you are a person who has been treated at FUNTER, must be submitted with your card directly to the area of ​​Clinical Secretariat to schedule your next appointment.

It can also be programmed telephone numbers 2538-6814, 2538-6827 or 2538-6854, Monday through Friday from the 10:00 at the. (Applies for first appointments or people who are already registered)

Note the date, time and name of the doctor.

To telephone the day before the appointment to confirm. 2538-6814, 2538-6827 or 2538-6854.

Be punctual to the appointment, (at least 20 minutes before)

Bring exams or radiographs (if any) appointments and control card (if any).

6. What if I can not make my scheduled appointment?

R / If you can not attend the consultation, notify clinic secretary, and / or phone call 2538-6814, 2538-6827 or 2538-6854, to reschedule and tell your therapist, (if you are in control).

Note: If you go to the doctor without prior notice will be suspended therapy, reschedule must request readmission and wait for it to open again quotas therapy.

7. What does Status quotes?

R / Quote provided is the ability to pass query without setting a date. It happens when someone visits FUNTER first with the expectation that will query the same day. To qualify for this option must follow these steps:

Secretary submitted Clinic (of moons viernes) to 7:30 am to report that is waiting on the condition.

You will be given a card waiting and numbered, in the order of arrival so you can pass query whether quotas should remain. (This card does not guarantee numbered pass query, only to verify the order of attention)

May involve waiting for a long time to verify that a patient misses scheduled consultation and that quota becomes available.

If you can not wait any longer and decides to retire, Please inform Secretary Clinical and expected return the card numbered.

If consultation fails to pass, we suggest Clinic Secretariat schedule appointment or phone call: 2538-6814, 2538-6827 or 2538-6854.

Note: for the latter, follow the steps in "Scheduling Appointments".

8. What FUNTER donate wheelchairs, crutches, canes, Walkers, etc.?

R / Si, one of the main activities of the Foundation is to provide such technical assistance necessary for the movement of people. To this follows a process in which this type of support for mobility, are prescribed by medical staff, then delivered to the person who needs it in the order of waiting list.

9. How many rehab centers in the country FUNTER, and where are?

R / Our country has three centers, in Resume, Sonsonate and San Vicente. These are the addresses:

FUNTER, Resume:
Calle El Pedregal. Ave. L-E, Hacienda Gardens. City Resume, Old Cuscatlán.
Such: 2538-6837 / Fax: 2538-6868

FUNTER, Sonsonate:
Extending the 6th and 4th Street East and Avenue. Private Victories Victories. Neighborhood The Angel, Sonsonate.
Such: 2439-3333 / Fax: 2439-3308

FUNTER, San Vicente:
3Calle Oriente # 100 Barrio San Vicente Shrine.
Such: 2373-0211 / 2373-0212 / Fax: 2393-2460

10. Are there FUNTER Rehabilitation Centers in other Central American countries?

R / Si, are as follows: (Complete with information Telethon rehabilitation centers in Central)

11. I can do social hours in FUNTER?

R / Sure, only need to have the application form guiding social hours of the institute where the person studied and presented to FUNTER, and wait for approval from the Foundation.

12. What FUNTER support people with disabilities in finding employment?

R / Within areas FUNTER care, is the Vocational Rehabilitation. This area supports the full integration of people, with physical disabilities in society through the workplace, Whereas it should evaluate and strengthen their skills. The aim is to try to place people with disabilities in productive activities, after completing their rehabilitation process.