Sobrepasamos el Record Guinness

El Salvador established a new Guinness record Telethon hand with the development of the mosaic world's largest cupcakes, measuring 125.61 square meter, with the design of Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort. “Breaking a sweet love record"Was the theme of this first campaign to support Telethon 2014, which was an initiative to break the record previously set by Singapore. El Record Guinness representative for Latin America, Ralph Hannah, was in the country to assess and certify said record to overcome.

To carry out this activity eight major bakeries and pastry shops in the country joined: Panadería Anthony’s, Lorena Pastry, Elly´s Cake, Pastelería Ban Ban, Lido, Bakery The Tecleña, When the Le Café Lilian. Besides this great work he joined AIS Experts Bakery, as principal advisor to the event.

To prepare the cupcakes were used 1,250 pounds of premix, 437 pounds of egg (3,496 units), 375 oil pounds, 325 pounds of water, 12.5 pounds of baking powder and 268 pounds of fondant. Also, for certification of this achievement was supported by a notary who performed an act, and an architect for measuring mosaic who used an odometer, both under the supervision of a representative of Guinness record.

The dynamics to be part of this great activity consisted of Salvadorans apadrinaban one cupcake on sponsoring bakeries and patisseries; the donation for each cupcake was $1.00 and in return were given a promotional magnet as a souvenir. Subsequently these were donated to children's homes and elderly. The big event was held in the World Trade Center Plaza, fourth stage, from the 10:00 a.m.

We thank all the partners who produced patisseries and bakeries the cupcakes and mounted each in the mosaic, and the noble heart of many Salvadorans who collaborated with Telethon to make cupcakes mosaic world's largest.

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