7a. Expo Art Shop 2013

For the seventh consecutive year we have organized the annual exhibition of the Art Workshop FUNTER bringing together the best work for approximately 180 young artists in the 2013.

The colorful display is composed of different users work done by small and parental supervision, volunteers FUNTER, and workshop leaders responsible for delivering therapies in our Art Studio. Among the artworks include crafts such as sorbets, Snowmen, self-portraits and puppets made from recycled materials, also work done with techniques like blasting, watered with salt, with gouache drawing, thematic paintings also under the sad concepts, angry, happy, sick and fearful.

This year was made in the center of the exhibition, a giant Christmas tree made from recycled material, which was collected by parents and volunteers, and also includes among its branches photos all participating artists of the sample, which gave a special touch and according to the time.

Importantly, the use of waste materials in almost all jobs, aims to make environmental awareness and teach the user can find a different use for these, and that through creativity you can make many beautiful things.

Karina Turcios, one of the managers of the Art Workshop, expressed: "I am happy for this effort made, and although laborious but excited to see the final result. I have seen children as they develop and are improving week after week in therapy. I'm really on doing what I do!”

Work of Art Studio has a lot of impact on users, as there are some that are not incorporated into the regular education system and consider it as a FUNTER school because they learn and socialize with other children of similar age and condition.

Also being presented the work done in the past year "Scarves and hats loom", given during the year in which different types of tissue were learned for two months. Children, youth and adults with and without disabilities could be part of this experience, which thinks repeated next year.

The exhibition will be open from now until 17 December, in the facility FUNTER Resume, of 8:00 a.m. a 12:00 m.d. and 1:00 p.m. a 5:00 p.m.

If anyone would like to purchase any of the works presented in the exhibition, You can approach any of the workshops for more information.

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