Telethon Volunteers


What is the volunteer Telethon?

The Telethon is a volunteer group of young people working with people who have physical disabilities and are always the order of the foundation for activities that would require, so that volunteering helps fundraising in major shopping centers, various events and activities that the foundation made to meet their stated objectives.

The most emotional part of volunteering is the coexistence among youth and children of the foundation which supports them in their comprehensive rehabilitation receiving in return the smile of a child or family.

Things to do

Fundraising: The objective of this area is to participate in fundraising activities, through the sale of promotional items in different places and activities, such as:

  • Malls
  • Telethon Concert
  • Educational Institutions
  • Business
  • Fairs
  • Event Telethon

Social projects: Aimed at voluntary interaction with the patients and the general foundation for social awareness on disability issues. It seeks to work in partnership with schools, universities, companies and other organizations to conduct outreach activities and thus help the voluntary and people with disabilities to improve their self-esteem and personal development. Among the activities carried out can mention:

  • Club Telethon friends
  • Therapist for one day
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Outputs interaction (cinema, museum, zoological, parks, etc.)
  • Support for sports including


Download the membership card and follow the instructions.

Contact: pulse aquí para enviar un enviarnos un correo (voluntariadoteleton null@null funter

Phone: 2505-6878
Switch: 2505-6800