The International Telethon (ORITEL) is a group of Latin American countries that seeks to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, by sharing experiences of the various entities that make up, through financial and technical support for the development of their activities.

Nowadays, Compose ORITEL 13 Latin America Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico, becoming one of the voluntary aid organizations in the world's largest, with influence 400 million.

It represents a willingness to work for people with disabilities to live in a better society and symbolizes the unity and commitment of the various sectors of the community around this universal cause.

For this purpose, and since its founding, ORITEL has undertaken many initiatives, such as continental congress, thematic conventions cerebral palsy, promoting prevention and management programs to support fundraising, among other projects.

How was?

In 1976, Mario Kreutzberger, arrived at the Champs de Ahumada, very poor desert. "In the distance I saw a farm, the door had a dog tied to a tree. But with horror I discovered that there was a dog, but a child who could not walk ".

Later the team of the House Foreign Giant Saturdays program was in the United States, saw a television program hosted by actor Jerry Lewis, which aimed to raise funds to help children with muscular dystrophy. This program was the Telethon.

Al volver in Chile, Mario Kreutzberger together with the Board of Directors of the Child Pro Help Disabled decide to campaign, designed to get a million dollars. The Entertainer, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, manages to arrange an interview with Jerry Lewis. After a year of organization, the 9 December 1978, performed the first telethon in Chile. The broadcast center, responsible only for organizing the event, gives way to Chile Telethon Foundation, whose goal is to make a regular campaign fundraising, to benefit the Society for Crippled Children Help.

With the passing of the hours the dream became a breakthrough visionary. Unite a divided people policy, socially and economically. He immediately began to spread across the continent and is born and ORITEL, a new dream and a challenge for the dignity of people with different abilities.


  • Since its inception in 1998, ORITEL has offered to work for the promotion, generation integration and greater efforts and resources to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
  • Promote the region greater awareness of people with disabilities and their problems.
  • Promote international solidarity towards people with disabilities.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the various Latin American entities rehabilitation to facilitate the efficient development of human resources, material and technological.
  • Contribute to self-valence autonomy of people with disabilities.
  • Promoting legal rules issued for the Removal of all those forms of discrimination and exclusion, promoting social integration.
  • Promote the adoption of measures aimed at social integration of people with disabilities.
  • Promote the adoption of measures to prevent disability in any of its manifestations.
  • Facilitate and promote the training of medical and paramedical staff working in rehabilitation institutions in Latin America.

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