Gabriela Orellana


Gaby suffers from Cerebral Palsy, was caused by complications in their first months of life. He brought the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck, high bilirubin and began presenting heart and lung problems. The doctors did not give them life expectancies had complications, once left for dead during 10 my, which caused no oxygen to reach the brain.

At 6 months old her mother began to notice that I was not having the normal, an acquaintance recommended to bring FUNTER, but she hesitated to bring it because he believed that the services were expensive.

When it comes to the foundation begins to receive physical therapy, Occupational and pool, that have helped to give a satisfactory outcome, two months to come begins to walk, at first but fell in the pool therapies that have helped him to walk much better. His mother was receiving psychological therapy and parent education.

Gaby goes to school, his dream was to play football with his cousin and already achieved. His next dream is to be at your school cachiporrista.