Reynaldo David Built


Reysito, as you know everyone in your home, is the third 4 brethren, suffers from Arthrogryposis, syndrome characterized by the existence of congenital contractures affecting several joints of the body especially the members; affect them if their arms and lower legs percentages.

He had to go to therapy to cope with their disability, with its physical and occupational therapy has to be independent in some activities, has learned to eat only, and can grasp objects with their hands and is learning to dress, inter alia. His parents have been a fundamental part of their rehabilitation process, because despite the remoteness of which are rehabilitation centers, have not hesitated to take him to his therapies.

Attending School, going to second grade and successfully operates in all school activities conducted, always with the support of their teachers and peers. It has now been operated in both arms for better operability in these.