Support Area

Gait and Movement Laboratory Duenas Herrera


It consists of a system of evaluation and measurement of advanced technology that allows the analytical study of the movement and its effects during operation, what is very important because it improves the accuracy of treatment in patients with different diagnoses, deliver a more accurate prescribing patterns and surgical treatment to follow.

Programa PONI (Protect Our Children's Ear)


This program performs preventive actions, Early detection and treatment of hearing impairment, and prescription of hearing aids according to the need of each user.

Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory


A fundamental part supplementing the rehabilitation process of our users, we have the Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory, wherein we manufacture hardware support that achieve ambulation of the patient to present the loss of one of its members or decreasing functions.

It has a technical team for making prostheses and orthoses upper and lower limbs. This staff has a permanent training plan, in order to update their knowledge to provide users with new and better alternatives in the manufacture of such attachments.