Valuation area

Medical Consultation fisiátrica


As part of the assessment area, fisiátrica medical consultation is carried out by specialists, who make the initial assessment of the patient, thus allowing for treatment advice for rehabilitation, besides continued with subsequent evaluations to assess their progress.

Clinical Psychology


The area of ​​psychology attends to patients and families who have physical limitations to their maladjustment, in order to achieve the widest possible collaboration on their part in the rehabilitation process.

Psychometric Evaluations


Psychometric assessments are used as tools for a detailed profile of the cognitive and / or emotional a person. A psychological test is a standardized instrument used to measure different aspects such as intelligence, skills, performance, values, interests, personality, etc.

Social Work


This area seeks to examine the family environment, social and labor in which they develop people who want to start treatment in the foundation, in order to evaluate the ability of each person economic contribution to required services, differentiation according to a quota system.