Social integration program

Compensatory Education Assistance Program


This program uses a variety of educational resources to facilitate their full participation in the regular education system, taking into account the search for a more inclusive environment that allows them to meet their educational needs.

Parent School


Through this program is to provide the parent and / or guardian, Most of the information available so that they can support both the rehabilitation of their families, as its integration process to the different environments: familiar, Community, educational and labor where possible.

Club Friends Telethon


This aims to support the socialization of children with physical disabilities with non-disabled young volunteers, allowing to improve and strengthen their self-esteem and ndependencia. Share experiences on trips and activities, where in addition to fun learning from each other.

Art Workshops


In the field of rehabilitation, Art Workshops are a way to help children, youth and adults so they can find new ways to express their emotions, and working concepts of integration and socialization, improve self-esteem and confidence.



The play therapy and provide fun entertainment spaces that help improve your mood, esteem, socialization and motor, enabling better collaboration in receiving rehabilitation treatment.

Access and Computer Centers Without Barriers


With these facilities we provide training in the use of information technology and communications to children, youth and adults with and without disabilities who go to the foundation, to support therapeutic processes, education and training. It has equipment adapted to the needs of users and highly trained staff.

Vocational Rehabilitation


This program helps people with disabilities who have completed their physical rehabilitation process, to know their attitudes and skills, guide them to training or work according to their potential.

This program supports LOG Computing Center for training in office, call center and preparation for the world of work, in order to have the necessary preparation for their development within the field of labor. As Microemprendimientos project that seeks that people with disabilities can develop crafts, as a way to raise revenue.