In 1982, Active Club 20-30, a group of young visionaries, altruistic and motivated by a country unite around a cause event TELETÓN adopted to realize the full rehabilitation of the disabled population of El Salvador.

Initially do five events were proposed TELETÓN, to support the Salvadoran Institute for Rehabilitation of Disabled (ISRI); in 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1987 events were conducted entirely with proceeds earmarked for the construction is, equipment, staff training and operation, while the state has the capacity to absorb the operation of these centers: Multiple Disability Center, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center East, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center West. In 1986, what would be the 5 th. TELETÓN, TELECONFIEN becomes to support victims of the earthquake of October 1986.


Later, the big fellow with disabilities needs exacerbated by the country's armed conflict, seek new alternatives skilled care to people with disabilities, born in January 1987 Telethon Foundation Pro-Rehabilitation (FUNTER), as Executive Decree. 7 of 15 January 1987. In order to concretize a private institute, nonprofit, characterized by a skilled care to people with disabilities and aims to make rehabilitation more a national issue.
In the year 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1998, were performed 5 TELETÓN events for construction and maintenance of rehab first stage Resume.
In the 2003 Telethon event starts again and the funds are invested in the construction and maintenance of 3 rehabilitation centers, as detailed: (2003-2004) First stage reconstruction FUNTER Resume damaged by Earthquake 2001, (2005) Construction and equipping of second stage FUNTER Resume , (2006-2007) Construction and equipping of San Vicente FUNTER, (2008-2009) Construction and equipping of Sonsonate Funter, (2010-2011) Child Support 3 rehabilitation centers and (2012) Fit the new projects focus on children suffering from burns and neuro orthopedic operations area, and for the maintenance of our 3 centers.


Telethon Foundation Pro Rehabilitation (FUNTER) is a nonprofit institution that annually serves more than 13,500 families, providing 262,323 attention in different areas because of its comprehensive rehabilitation model.
We managed to position ourselves as an experienced executive institution in the development of programs and projects that benefit people with physical disabilities. Our target population includes children, youth and adults, mainly from the poorest and most vulnerable in the country.
Nowadays, FUNTER has 3 centers Resume, Saint Vincent and Sonsonate, and our rehabilitation, is one of the most modern in Central. We have a strategic alliance with ORITEL, International Telethon Organization, allowing information and knowledge sharing class on rehabilitation.

Through the years it has been strengthening and increasing its service offering clinical, and today is characterized as a physical rehabilitation center that uses the latest technology. Is served by highly specialized professionals in rehabilitation and physical spaces have higher, appropriate to the needs of their patients.

The comprehensive rehabilitation system has different areas: Assessment (Medical Consultation, Psychology, Psychometric Evaluations and Social Work), Treatment (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy), Support (Gait and Movement Laboratory, Audiometry, Orthotics and Prosthetics Factory) and Social Integration (Compensatory Education Assistance Program, School Parents, Club Friends Telethon, Art Workshops, Ludotecas, Computer Access Centre and Sin Barreras, Vocational Rehabilitation).